English Springer Spaniel


Hi, my name is Reagan! Daddy’s hoping I will be a good hunting dog some day! I love to run, explore, help Mom with the gardening, chase flies and play, play, play! When you have a great imagination like I do, everything’s a toy! I can be very dramatic (I do a great sigh and flop in the grass). 

I’m Sugarhoney, are you spice?!


This happy girl lives in the mountains of Western North Carolina, and she’s sweeter than sugar and honey put together. Her favorite activities are eating and sitting down. When she is moving, she likes playing with balls and sticks. She also likes to venture bravely into the river in the back yard. She is so mellow and loving, and we love her to bits!

Bears a big ball of energy!


Hey, I’m Bear! In my free time I love running around chasing balls and wearing off all of my pent up energy. My favorite treats are peanut butter, grass, and my family’s fingers…although they don’t really like me eating those last two. 

Piper loves Peanut Butter!


Hi, my name is Piper. My hobbies include swimming, going on walks with my mom, chewing every stuffed animal I can get my paws on, and playing with my friends at the dog park and puppy camp. I love all foods, but will do almost anything for peanut butter. 

Beautiful Lab Boy!


Nittany loves to eat, play, go for very long walks and snuggle! He thinks he is a lap dog. He loves to play fetch, jump through a hula hoop, knows his left paw from his right and really loves Bully sticks! He thinks everyone who comes over to the house is here to see him!

Kona fits into tight spots!

kona tightspot

My name is Kona. I love swimming, digging in the garden, and, of course, napping…especially in tight sunny spots. I go for walks every day and enjoy meeting all kinds of neighbors, both human and canine. 

Kallie Kisses

Kallie Kisses

Kallie the labradoodle enjoys playing, snuggling, napping, and chewing on expensive shoes. She spends her days exploring her new home and all the elements of city living. Kallie is as sweet and lovable as she looks; thus, she gets non stop attention from everyone she meets.

Amazing Hadley


Hadley is a Maltese/Shih Tzu living in Los Angeles. She loves to play, snuggle and eat. And she is amazing at fetching too!

Lets go Levi!


My name is Levi. I am very smart; I know how to ring a bell when I have to go outside to go potty. I always have a smile on my face and I love to cuddle with my family. I love rough play and playing with my toys. I am a very happy puppy and a good boy.

Lets play, lets play!


This love bug loves to play fetch! A ball, a stick, a kid! You name it, he’s got the energy to go after it!

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