Keely the Old English Bulldog


Hi, I love playing with other puppies and my best friend a yellow Lab. Some of my favorite things are sticks, tennis balls, and, just recently, the ocean! I’m full of love and just want to snuggle all the time.

Max, the new kid on the block!


My name is Maximillien, but you can call me Max!  I like sticks and wrestling. I also love football, rugby, mud, water, chickens and cats (although I’m not sure the chickens and cats like me). The water is my friend though. I love to swim and to run on beaches with the wind in my hair. My favorite thing is to jump on people when they are sleeping as it makes me giggle and my bottom wiggle!

Brady and his ball!


Brady loves his walks and loves to play and chew. Brady’s favorite toy is his Giggle ball. He loves to chase it all around

Little Cuddle Bear!


Bear is a hoot–he’s so very cuddly, loves his mommy and reveres his daddy, and has irresistibly innocent eyes. He loves “belly time” (getting belly rubs), jumps really high, and truly enjoys eating food.

Elle has a bad hair day!


I am a lovable, friendly Shih Tzu who is very playful. I love to play with everyone and everything. I pounce around all day, then get a look at my hair in the mirror! Quite stylish! Everyone loves to play with me. I love to pose for pictures and I am very good at it–for the price of a treat, of course.

Woody loves the water!


Woody spends most of his day in my dad’s office. Chilling out while he works! You know that age old “excuse” the dog ate my homework? Well Woody is a testament that it’s true! He tries to eat all the paperwork sometimes

Digger loves to dig!


Well, you can only guess how digger got his name! You’ve guessed it! As his name suggests, he is a digger and has dug many holes in his backyard. He loves all other dogs and even has a cat down the road he is friends with.We hope you find him as adorable as we do!!

Mixed Breed Baby!


love to earn treats, chase my parents’ feet, chew on my favorite toy (a pink Dachshund squeaky toy) and take long naps, snuggled up to someone warm. I love to snuggle!

Have Faith!


We’ve got Faith! She loves to take walks and as she greets the neighbors with her sweet face, they respond with smiles and gifts of yummy treats. After sleeping soundly in her comfy bed she says good morning with her playful eyes and a good morning bark. She loves to play in the yard, finding sticks or watching birds or a playing a game of Frisbee.


My name is Chester. People call me “Teddy Bear”. I love eating, running, and playing in the field with my puppy mates. Mommy says I get a treat if I’m a good boy. I work hard for treats. I’ve been doing advanced obedience and I’m going to start agility very soon.



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