Clown face!


Okay, these aren’t puppies, but I just couldn’t resist the craziness of these two! Have a great, comedy filled day.

Photo bombing the shy one…


Haha, nothing says “camera hog” better than this little scene stealer.

Hey, do you see that?


Look at that over there! I’m gonna go get it. Yep, I’m gonna get it.

Fluffy Pup


This little guy looks so cute that it’s fake, but he’s not.

Karate chop!


Take that Mom and puppy brother!


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Look what I did! Are you seeing spots? I am too. 101 of them. Atleast it’s not puppies.

Lucy loves her ball!


Lucy just loves her ball. The only thing she may like more is the snow.

Charlie the Labradoodle


Hi, my name is Charlie. I love getting into mischief, that’s why my parents put a bell on my collar, so they can hear where I am at all times.

Cute Carlee!


Carlee is the center of attention at home with two big brothers (Aussies) to keep her on her toes. Her mom is hoping to have her certified as a therapy dog like her brother Wrangler so she can go to work with her to help in mental health therapy with kids. She loves to snuggle and gives the best¬†puppy¬†kisses! Carlee loves to ride in the car and got a great new car seat for Christmas. She’s only been with her family for 2 months and has already stolen Mommy’s heart and has Daddy wrapped around her little paw!


Lovely Lucas


I love to run and play. I really like play dates with my doggie friends. I know my basic commands and I can even shake already! I am going to doggie school very soon to learn more.

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