Gifford would be in Gryffindor!!


Gifford is such a handsome little man! He likes dogs and people of all shapes and sizes. He loves pine cones, sticks and socks. He has a large spot on his bottom that looks like an acorn. His perfect day would be going to the creek and splashing around followed by a long car ride home.

Augie the Brittany


How handsome is this  little guy? These eyes are enough to make you melt! Augie is two floppy ears of trouble! He’s convinced everyone loves him. And he’s right! He’s extremely sweet and affectionate and has to say hello to everyone he meets.

Sage is sweet as spice!

sageShe is very friendly and energetic. She loves going outside to play and go on walks.

King Arthur


Hi, my name is Arthur. I am a lucky little adopted pup and a Parvo survivor. I am so happy to be healthy! After weeks in quarantine I am now free and ready to play. I am just getting to know the big world outside. I love people, and I love dogs! (Although I am still a little scared, even if the dogs are smaller than I am.) My owners and I play and cuddle non-stop, and we are all just such a happy bunch!

Daisy Duke


Daisy has been the perfect puppy–sweet, cuddly, smart, funny, and, best of all, she doesn’t chew on anything we don’t give her. She loves all of her people but is mostly her mommy’s shadow. She’s a little shy when she first meets you, but treats change that right away.

Lovely Lucy


Lucy currently lives in the western suburbs of Chicago. She’s got the look of a cocker spaniel champion, but she prefers to stay out of the spotlight. Although she may be willing to strike her championship pose, you’re more likely to see her prancing around the house with a humble smile on her face.

Watson the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


Watson is a very playful, adorable and friendly Cavalier King Charles. Born in the Valley of the Sun, this Phoenix puppy loves to start his day with an early morning walk. When he’s not napping, Watson spends his time accompanying his owner on errands, playing with his box full of toys, and learning new tricks for treats. A quiet puppy at first, Watson has found his voice and can now be heard barking at various times making sure to tell his nearby neighbors that a ball of cuteness is coming their way!

Tofu is a Labradoodle


Tofu loves to play, sleep, and eat. And pinecones. He loves pinecones! He is very friendly and loves everyone!

Turtle loves his turtle!


Hi, I’m Turtle! I’m a rescue puppy from Arkansas living in Boston with my mom and dad. I love living in the city because I get to meet new friends and puppies every day! I also love my stuffed Turtle!

Millie the little Maltese


Millie has the most beautiful temperament and is so much fun to have around.

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