Dapper Digger


Digger is a most handsome and great natured dog. He has quite a little fan club now, and all the people on our street know his name, especially all the kids who he adores as much as they do him. He loves all other dogs and even has a cat down the road he is friends with. As his name suggests, he is a digger and has many holes dug in our garden. We hope you find him as adorable as we do, as he is growing fast, and unfortunately won’t be a puppy for too much longer.

Don’t let this little lady fool you!


Don’t let Casey’s sweet face fool you, she is one tough pup! Aside from running around in her big backyard, she enjoys fetching Beanie Babies and playing tug. Casey has a big heart and loves spending time with her family. She is smart, curious, and has a weakness for belly rubs.

Ollie Ollie Aussie Lab


Ollie is lovable and already knows come, sit, down, stay, touch, and bang. He loves to play fetch and lie in the sun. He is just so smart and the sweetest little boy. He is named after Oliver Queen, the “Green Arrow”.

Gibson the Wonder Dog


Gibson was the one who won our hearts. He was sweet and mild tempered, smart and alert. Once he decided to nap in our kitchen we knew he was the one! We are certain the rest of his family will find good homes and we are so happy to have little Gibson. We have only had him for 3 weeks and he is already gained 3 pounds and has learned his name and basic commands.

Ludo the Samoyed

ludo-the-samoyed_75637_2014-09-15_w450Hello, my name is Ludo and I am a 10-week-old Samoyed living on the beach in Venice, California. I love everyone! Everyone! I spend my days walking on the beach, snuggling and eating. I love eating almost as much as I love you. You can find me walking the crazy boardwalk in Venice with my mom and dad.

Mattie the Australian Labradoodle


Mattie came to our family a month ago. Each morning we wake up, Mattie surprises us with something new and goofy that emerges in his personality. We just love our little boy who I now refer to as “The Mattster”. He’s full of so much personality and love. We are both so excited to wake up each morning to start our new day with Mattie Mac.

Sarge the Australian Cattle Dog Mix


Sarge is a little hodge podge. He is a mix which are my favorite. His mother is an Australian Cattle Dog and his father was a mixed sled dog; he was Lab, hound and husky. I love my giant bones!

Dixie the Labrador Retriever


Dixie is a chocolate Labrador retriever whose very best friend is our neighbor’s 9 month old black Lab, Molly. Dixie is sweet, playful, and always trying to do her best to earn another treat. She loves the water, rolling in and running in wet grass, and her soccer ball. We are so happy to have her and love watching her learn and grow!

Quimby the Labradoodle

quimby-the-labradoodle_75618_2014-09-11_w450I’m a mini Labradoodle puppy. I’m so cute, but I’m a little scared of the world so I go to daycare where I’m learning to be less fearful. I don’t like to walk even though I’m speedy and can already play fetch with a ball. I like belly rubs!

Bernie Boy


My name is Bernie. I really enjoy exploring in my backyard, chasing bugs, and rolling around on the lawn and in the garden. So far, I’ve made some really great friends and love playing, especially with my squeaky toys. I love having my belly scratched and I’m quick to roll over when I know it’s coming!

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