Great big blue!


This German pup is resting now, but those are few and far between. This Sporting breed is almost always on the go. He would even give my toddler a run for his money.

Zoro, the masked bandit!


This little Mr. is a typical bandit! His face is masked just like Zoro so we couldn’t resist the name!

Dalmation Dimples


Little Dotty here seems to be perfectly happy chewing on her Daddy’s socks and hanging out on the bed! Comfy is the name of the game! I love how her nose looks like a cute little heart! <3


Droopy Blue


Don’t let this “little” big guy fool you. He’s seriously happy about getting his picture taken professionally.

Chew on this…


Dental hygiene is super important when you’re a little pup! Mom’s fingers work just as well as a toothbrush does, and it’s more fun to play with. Sometimes she gives me a special treat and will put some yummy peppermint paste on her finger. Oh boy is that tasty!

Puffy Fluffy Blue Eyed Girl!


Don’t blink! If you do you’ll miss this little blue bolt of lightening! She’s full of energy and spunk. Don’t let her size fool you either! She’s intimidating and loud and knows exactly what she wants.

Dapple Dachshund On a stroll!


This little blue eyed guy is a dapple mini dachshund who’s out on the town. Enjoying a walk with his parents and chewing on the grass is one of his favorite past times.

Winter Blues


This little guy seems to long for the winter months again! He’s all bundled up waiting for some icy weather!

Pawsitively Adorable!


My name is Arthur and I’m a rapidly growing Rhodesian Ridgeback. My hobbies include running around with boundless energy and sleeping like I’m never going to wake up. I’m not sure if I love people or dogs more, so I do my best to split my time giving kisses equally. Soft toys don’t stand a chance around me…I’m a shredding machine! My paws are huge right now, but Mom and Dad say that I’ll grow into them. They sound worried.


All Lab Annie!


Annie loves to walk, especially in the park. She is in puppy training right now, so we are working on her manners. Annie loves to play fetch and loves people and dogs–basically she loves everyone.

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