Have faith, in Faith.


This little angel brings goodwill wherever she goes. How could she not with a name like Faith, and these big brown eyes! What a beauty!



Theo is the coolest sheepdog (with a tail) living in NYC. He’s usually walking the city’s waterfront with his 11-
year-old Sheepdog bro, Bosco, keeping the waves in check. What a catch!

Howl at anything that moves! Even myself!


I love to chew my toys and tug-a-ropes. I am learning to walk with a leash but I would rather bite it and then run in
the opposite direction!! The most amazing discovery I have made is the mirror at my home; I howl at and lick the image I see.

X marks the spot!


Spot is a Dachshund / Jack Russell / poodle mix. He had 5 litter mates. Three looked just like long poodles and 2
(Spot and his brother) looked just like long Jack Russells. He is so sweet and snuggly, but also full of action,
kisses, jumps, and loves.

Golden Boy Riley!


Riley is a perfect fluffy little friend. She is very playful and outgoing. She is a kisser and cuddler when she wants to be. She loves to hang out with her older brother and play outside. Most people mistake her for a stuffed animal but she is in fact a real puppy!

Eva the explorer!


I love this white stuff! It sticks on trees and the ground where I go potty! Then when I bite the branches it gets on my nose!! :)

Shine On!


Shine’s old life in the shelter is just a dim memory! Now she is living the life she
deserves! She loves to play, run around, and meet new dogs and people. She is a wonderful friend!

Little Mighty Zeus!


Hello. My name is Zeus. My mommy and daddy lovingly call me “Lil’ Zeus”. I also like playing in the grass. Well, actually, I
like rolling in it and eating it too. I also know what a palm tree tastes like. Everyone I meet thinks I’m just the
cutest puppy they have ever seen. When my mommy comes home, she picks me up and hugs me. I like licking her face
because I’m so happy to see her!

Peyton says…pet me!


Hi, my name is Peyton. My mommy didn’t know my 6 brothers and sisters and I existed until we made ourselves known by coming out from under her porch. She loves us all. I love to have my belly rubbed and to pose from the camera!

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