Mixed Breed Baby!


love to earn treats, chase my parents’ feet, chew on my favorite toy (a pink Dachshund squeaky toy) and take long naps, snuggled up to someone warm. I love to snuggle!

Have Faith!


We’ve got Faith! She loves to take walks and as she greets the neighbors with her sweet face, they respond with smiles and gifts of yummy treats. After sleeping soundly in her comfy bed she says good morning with her playful eyes and a good morning bark. She loves to play in the yard, finding sticks or watching birds or a playing a game of Frisbee.


My name is Chester. People call me “Teddy Bear”. I love eating, running, and playing in the field with my puppy mates. Mommy says I get a treat if I’m a good boy. I work hard for treats. I’ve been doing advanced obedience and I’m going to start agility very soon.



Saturday stretching!

This pup has planking down to a science!

Beach baby!

This beach has gone to the dogs, and we LOVE it! Don’t forget the sunscreen.

I’ll have a venti!

Even though I’m a “tall”…

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


I’m Kingston, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who loves the beach–but only when there isn’t too much sun! I love playing fetch. I’m a restless sleep-walker and unlike typical dogs in my breed, I am an excellent guard/alert dog!

Copper Cutie!


Hi, my name is Copper! I’m the most handsome dog ever. I get comments on my beautiful green eyes wherever I go. My favorite things are playing outside with my mama and daddy, chewing on my favorite toy, sleeping in my cozy bed, and helping Mama in the garden

Lucy the Springer Spaniel


My name is Lucy and I love to play outside, chase my rubber toys, and play keep away with my toys. I love playing in the water and am learning how to swim this summer.

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