Tilly goes willy dilly


Hi, I’m Tilly. Been with my new family for a month now. Today was a good day. A fox had visited my garden during the night. Really don’t know why I was suddenly rushed back indoors.

Smart as a whip!


Hi, I’m Abby. I am very smart and have learned many tricks! I can come, sit, give my paw and wait. I also speak–a lot! I already learned to turn on the water to get a drink, now if I could only learn to drink from a cup.

Rosie the playful pup!


Hi, my name is Rosie and I’m a playful puppy who loves to find small spaces to crawl into. When I’m not sleeping on shelves or under sofas, you can find me outside chasing leaves and gnawing on sticks. I love to greet people and pups that walk by, I just can’t contain my excitement! I love my teddy bear and I’m growing to love tennis balls ’cause, you know, I’m a golden retriever!

Lucy Lou!


My name is Lucy. My parents adopted me when I was 14 weeks old. They think I might be part Samoyed or American Eskimo and part Lab. I love to play in the snow and chew on sticks in my back yard. I only bark when my neighbors jump on their trampoline. I like getting petted and scratched. I’m going to puppy class to learn how to sit and stay and how to be a good dog. I like playing with all the people and puppies in class.

Norwegian Elkhound Koda


Hi, I’m a Norwegian Elkhound puppy. I am currently living in Upstate New York. I absolutely love the snow!

Pepe Poodle


Ciao! I’m Pepe, Pepe Pepito or I’m also known as Tiny Pepe. I love people and putting smiles on their faces by simply looking cute and licking their faces. I love hanging out in boots, and jumping around like a little rabbit.

Foxie Roxie


Hi I’m Roxie! I’m think I’m a Lab / Rottweiler mix, but really not sure. I love to play, eat, and chew on my toys and bones. I also like to snore when sleeping. I’m very sweet and good-natured.

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