Gentle Giant Jax


Hi, my name is Jax! My favorite is to play tug of war with my brother–for now I let him win. I am a big teddy bear and love cuddling with my mom on the couch. I usually fall asleep on top of her but I am learning to go to my own bed now at night time. I can still be a little clumsy and I haven’t quite figured out how powerful I am yet. At least it gives my mom and dad a good laugh! I am very smart and already know how to sit and stay. I love to eat and will do almost anything for treats.

Great Moose of the Northwest!


Moose lives in sunny Santa Monica. He loves playing fetch, snuggling, and taking long walks on the beach. He also loves stealing clothes, trying to jump into bed, and getting tummy rubs. He is a great kitchen helper and enjoys relaxing on the couch after a long day. When he is looking to impress someone, he likes to wear his bow
tie. We love our goofy puppy!

Beagle Baby Maya!


Hi, my name is Mya. I like afternoon naps, playing keep away, sweet potato cookies and getting to sleep in the big bed at night. Even though I have mastered the dual flap doggie door, I am still learning to go potty outside, but at least my mommy and daddy don’t get mad at me for accidents.

Cute Cali loves to cuddle


Hi, my name is Cali and I am a black Lab. I am 10 weeks old and am having so much fun with my new family. I love to play with balls and rope, run, and chase all of the little children that come to my house. I love to take naps in the rays of the sun or in the cuddly laps of my family. I am super sweet and loving life.

Woody the Mini Australian Shepherd


Spotswood, or Woody for short, is a miniature Australian shepherd. He loves to beg for treats and to chase his big sister Blair. He loves her always, even though she forgets to use “the soft paws” sometimes. Some of his favorite things include: treats, walks, getting rubbed behind the ears, carrying Mommy’s slippers everywhere, the couch, and of course the snow. If he’s always this excited for blizzard weather, we think that he’ll like living on Long Island!

Teddy is such a little bear!


HI, I’m Teddy. I was rescued from Mississippi and now I live in Boston. But I don’t like the snow!

Ellie Mae struck it rich!


My name is Ellie Mae. I am a black and tan coonhound. You can hear my bay for miles and miles. I like to yell back at my parents when they tell me “no”. My mom says that my name should be Ellie Mae “No” because I get told that a lot. I love being mischievous.

Mr. Milo!


Hi! My name is Milo. My family heard about me on Christmas Day, and adopted me in January. I was found on the streets of Mexico, but now have a wonderful life in Southern California. I am not sure what I am, but I think I am part min pin, part poodle, and part something else. I love to play, chew things, and sleep, but my favorite thing to do is be with my humans and meet new people. I am very good at running, and love to chase people all over my backyard. My family had to get me a new pen, because I figured out how to jump out of the first one! I am very cute and loving, and make my whole family very happy.

Ikelos: Bernese Moutain Dog


Ike is a super sweet, playful Bernie who loves to be with people. In fact, he secretly wishes he were a lap dog. Ike loves going to the dog park and playing with his buddies down the street. He has become a very important member of the family and even joins his Mommy in the office every day.

Kiara the Beagle


I love to play and jump and eat all the food I can find. My favorite toy is my rabbit my grandma gave me. I don’t need an expensive toy, though–just give me a piece of a tree and I will keep myself busy for hours.

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