Silliness isn’t just for humans!

We all know people who make us laugh, but this dog really “nose” how to make someone smile!!

Jump-Roping Dog?

Want to try a fun new trick with your pooch? Teach him or her to jump rope! Great exercise for your dog and entertainment for your friends!

A Twist on a Disney Classic

Move over Winnie the Pooh because this cute little pooch wants to get into that honey pot!

Skye the Leonberger


Skye loves playing with her toys, and water bowl. She learns very quickly and is easy to train. She is a joyful addition to the family!

Ozzy the Aussie


I am a happy Austrailian Shepherd. I love playing with my rope and antler. I also love running and rolling in the grass. I am really good at learning tricks and my newest trick is rolling!

Little Nugget


Hi my name is Nugget, and I live with my mom and dad in Minnesota. I’m four months old and I just graduated from puppy class. My favorite things include chasing leaves, belly rubs, trips to the dog park, and making sure everybody knows I’m the cutest

Millie Moo


Hi, I’m Millie. I am a sweet, loving girl with tons of personality! I love meeting new friends on my walks around the neighborhood, picking up sticks, giving my mom and dad kisses, digging mud holes, playing with other animals.

King Albert the Kind


I’m a beautiful 5 month old Boston Terrier crossed with a Cavalier King Charles. I’m a lively scamp that loves playing with other dogs. I love cuddles and hiding under the duvet where it’s cozy.

Fiffi Fie Foe Fum…


Come play with me, I love to run! Fiffi loves to be out and take long walks! She was pretty afraid at first but now she loves to run around in the house and chase the cats. She is a very lovely dog!

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