Nathan is such a love!


I enjoy going for long runs on the beach with my mom and the feeling of the wet, cold sand on my snout. I like to dig and eat dirt. I can rip apart a tennis ball in 60 seconds!

Desi loves to snuggle!


He loves his chew toys and often shares them with his big brother, Shiloh. Desi also loves to snuggle at our feet and take a nap. His puppy kisses are the best.

Miso cute!


I’m a lady, although sometimes I can be a bit crazy. Lucky that she just calls me Miso, didn’t add the word “soup” behind. I’ve already learned to stand, sit, and lie down (only within 2 days).



Check out this unique cross! A Pomeranian and a Husky! He looks like something from the wild!

Cutie Mix pup!


This dog is the cutest! i just love his ears, and nose, and face and paws…get the picture?

Can you see me now?


No? Good! I like the hide in the shadows!

Floppy ears…


Look at these two pups and their loopy ears. Amazing that they start out this way! All the better to smootch you with little pups!

I’m not listening!


Typical teenager! attached to his iphone!


Wait what?!


Did you say this is for the cat? No way….I love this fish and its all for me!

More coffee…


Coffee…must. have. coffee. Mom kept me up all night with her snoring!

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